Monday, January 3, 2011

One Year Down

One year ago today I wrote my first blog post ever, in preparation for a trip to Israel. I wanted to be able to share my pictures and reflections with friends and family back home. On January 4 I flew out of New York and on January 5 arrived in Tel Aviv, and then Jerusalem.

Since that day, 146 posts in 2010; this is #2 in 2011. This blog has changed since I returned; but I still find that I'm trying to find my "blog voice." It's not that different from my everyday voice, I hope; but what I mean is that I am still trying to figure out what and when to post. Sometimes edited sermons, sometimes mid-week commemorations from the communion of saints, sometimes responses to the day's headlines.

A new year begins: not knowing what it may bring, I will try to stay open, to pay attention, to be astonished. And then, try to find words to tell about it.


  1. Good for you and Happy Anniversary, Rich. I'm just over a year old as well and am amazed at how the discipline of the daily blog has changed my everyday and connected me in new ways to my parish and the life of the lectionary.

  2. Just as you are open to the moment, your readers are open to your postings, Rich. Your words resonate in my soul, and your "blog voice" has perfect pitch. Thank you for a year of thoughtful reflection, insight and inspiration.