Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Journey With Matthew - Day 26

Read  Matthew 17:1-20

The photos above were taken on the Mount of the Transfiguration when I traveled to the Holy Land in 2010. Who can say whether or not it is really the high mountain where Jesus took Peter and James and John along and they had this shared mystical experience? But what I learned on my pilgrimage has really stayed with me: while we cannot know for sure, it's not like the Israeli tourist bureau decided last week that this was the place. Since the fourth century, this is where Christians have gone to remember this portion of the life of Jesus: and the Mt. Tabor Church shown above has become a "thin place" where one encounters the living God - even if it is not the exact spot where Peter wanted to build the booths. (Is there irony in the fact that Peter eventually got his wish, or what?) Also shown above is the view looking out on the plain of Jezreel. Notice the "bright cloud." (Although I did not hear the voice of God that day!) Oh, and did I mention that yours truly got to celebrate the Holy Eucharist in which the gospel reading for this day was read at one of the outdoor chapels? (They don't let "Protestants" near the altar inside the Church - but that was fine by my, it was still the experience of a lifetime!)

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