Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Martyrs of El Salvador

"The struggle against injustice and the pursuit of truth cannot be separated nor can one work for one independent of the other."
Ignatio EllacurĂ­a, S.J. , Murdered superior of Jesuit community at the UCA

Tomorrow, March 24, marks the the thirty-first anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. In addition to Romero, The Episcopal Church will also remember "the martyrs of El Salvador" including  four Maryknoll sisters who were murdered on December 2, 1980: Ita Ford, Maura Clark, Dorothy Kazel, and Jean Donovan (lay missioner.)

On November 16, 1989, six Jesuit priests and two of their staff members were also murdered: Ignacio Ellacuria, SJ, 59, was rector of the Central American University and Ignacio Martin-Baro,SJ, was vice-rector.Segundo Montes, SJ, Arnando Lopez, SJ,  Joaquin Lopez y Lopez, SJ, Juan Ramon Moreno, SJ, and Julia Elba Ramos, a cook, and Cecilia Ramos, her daughter, 15. An article on these 1989 assassinations that appeared at the time in The Washington Post can be found here.

Countless others whose names were not remembered were "disappeared" in the 1980s in El Salvador. May they rest in peace, and light perpetual shine upon them.

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