Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Coffin

Back in my Campus Ministry days, we had a woman leave a bequest to us, from which we began a lecture fund. I only got to bring two speakers in before leaving that ministry, but both were outstanding. The first year we brought in Walter and June Keener Wink, who did outstanding and memorable work.

And then, in my last year at CCSU, we invited the late William Sloane Coffin to come and speak. In seminary, whenever I had a Sunday morning off, Hathy and I used to sneak into Riverside Church to hear him preach. By the early 1990s, when he came to CCSU, he was the Director of SANE/FREEZE. He was quite a witness to the faith.

I had managed to convince both Wink and Coffin to come to CCSU for less money than they usually got for such things because both retained a soft place in their hearts for Campus Ministry. (Coffin was Chaplain at Yale in the tumultuous 1960s.)

In any event, that is more than enough reminiscing for a Saturday afternoon. To me, the most amazing sermon of a career that included many amazing sermons was the one he preached just ten days after the tragic death of his son, Alex. A copy of his Eulogy for Alex can be found here.

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