Monday, December 12, 2011

All American Muslims

I've only seen the show once, but I was really hopeful when I did. The Learning Channel's All American Muslim "takes a look at Dearborn, Michigan through the lens of five Muslim American families." It explores their lives inside and outside of their faith community, including customs and celebrations and misconceptions. That goal incensed some Christian evangelicals, who have protested the show and now gotten at least one sponsor (Lowe's) to pull their ads from the show. This in the same week when Newt Gingrich called Palestinians "an invented people."

How can you be a Biblical literalist and then interpret "love of neighbor" to only mean evangelical Christians who greet you with a "Merry Christmas" everywhere you go? This is religious bigotry and it does not serve Christ or the Church. It suggests that the title of the show is somehow an oxymoron: that you cannot be a real "all American" and a Muslim; after all, real Americans are all evangelical Christians, right? (Like the Founding Fathers!?)

Shame on Lowe's for succumbing to hatred, fear, and bullying. If there is ever to be peace on earth, and good will to all (isn't THAT "the reason for the season?") it must begin with us, and with Christians trying to behave more like Jesus. I commend Miroslav Volf's work to you for thinking through the theology. And for my own part I'm going to start watching American Muslim more intentionally. I wish I could also stop shopping at Lowe's, but I can't remember the last time I was there anyway.

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  1. Lowes has reached an all time... low?