Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prayer for a New Year

The prayer below can be found in one of Walter Brueggemann's collections of prayers, Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth. I share it with best wishes for the year ahead to all the faithful readers of this blog. Peace and good,

Occupy our Calendars

Our times are in your hands:
But we count our times for us;
we count our days and fill them with us;
we count our weeks and fill them with our busyness;
we count our years and we fill them with our fears.
And then caught up short with your claim,
Our times are in your hands!
Take our times, times of love and times of weariness,
Take them all, bless them, break them,
give them to us again,
slow paced and eager,
fixed in our readiness for neighbor.
Occupy our calendars,
Flood us with itsy-bitsy, daily kairoi,
In the name of your fleshed kairos. Amen.

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